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Emily Anson: I’m Still Angry (But I’m Getting There)
Read more   I’m still angry. My anger, while not integral to my new identity as a promoter of size acceptance, helps to drive me. I have to admit it. I’m pissed off. It’s been a journey for me to get here, and a non-linear one at that. When I was a young fat teenager, desperately trying to escape my own self-hatred, I stumbled upon...

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Melody Rossiter: Mouthy Fat Kid Does OK
Read more   My mother came from anorexic stock. When I started getting fat at age 8, she was confused and concerned, and put me on strict diets. I ate my vegetables, we never ate out, I played outside weather permitting and got plenty of exercise. Still, I got fatter and fatter. I found out much later in life why I got fat, but that’s...

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