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This project is resource-intensive. At this moment, the project is already $13,500 in the red.
We are considering the pursuit of non-profit status, and/or a non-profit fiscal sponsor.
In the meantime, if you wish to support our cause, we more than welcome it and swear that all proceeds will go towards supporting this project!

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To let you know exactly where your donations are going, we have put together this needs list:

Tangible Needs

1) MacBook Pro ($2499)
2) Canon GL2 MiniDV Digital Camcorder (to record interviews) ($2000)
3) Final Cut Pro (video editing software) ($1,299.00)
4) Adobe Photoshop CS3 Suite ($649)
5) My Book® Studio Edition™ II External Storage Drive (video/audio) ($599)
6) M-Audio Micro Trak II Recorder (For audio) ($299)

Subtotal: $7345

General Needs

1) Travel Funds. Our last road trip cost $13,500 — gas, food, lodging (we slept on couches as much as possible), supplies, car rental, airfare to starting point and a very basic living stipend for my videographer. This does not count the 2 months of work I missed, or my own personal bills during tha time.

I would like to take a series of shorter trips vs. an extended road trip in the future. The experience of being gone that long is intense and powerful, however it is hard to sustain while keeping up a day job. For that reason, this need is harder to quantify in terms of exactly how much travel to conduct interviews will cost. I will estimate that each interview, between travel to conduct and the hours of work it will take to edit the raw audio and/or video into a presentable piece for the website at $250 per interview. If you would like to sponsor an interview, that would be amazing!

2) Operating Costs. Thankfully I have web skills, so the website and graphic design is free. I also manage a web hosting company, so our monthly web hosting fees are donated courtesy of my employer. However, as I do need to keep a day job, there is less time to commit to this project. It is my ultimate goal to be able to do this project, and related projects, full-time. To help this, you can:

  • Donate funds regularly.
  • If you are a college/university student or professor, you can help by suggesting/engaging me as a speaker at your institution.
  • Throw me a fundraiser in your hometown.
  • Suggest other creative sources of income!
  • Click Here to See Donation Options.